The attorneys at Baydin & Brandt have a long-standing reputation as experienced and trusted employment lawyers in Morristown, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Our head attorneys, Lynda Diane Baydin and Cindi R. Brandt, each have been providing legal services for more than 30 years. Our labor lawyers provide personal attention and quality representation for each individual, working tirelessly to guarantee the rights of employees. We represent a wide range of clients, including:

Senior Executives • Managers • Clerical Workers • Trade Employees • Physicians • Dentists • Scientists • Entrepreneurs • Healthcare Professionals & Providers • Bankers • Accountants • Consultants • Lawyers • Paralegals • Nurses • Engineers • Administrative Assistants • Marketing Professionals • Sales Representatives • Union & Non-Union Employees

What Our Law Offices Cover

Our employment attorneys advocate for employees in court, arbitration, mediation, and administrative proceedings.  Our lawyers represent clients from the private and public sector, including local, state, and federal government employees, and employees in the following industries:

Pharmaceuticals • Telecommunication • Consumer Products • Real Estate • Apparel • Insurance • Financial Services • Retail • Media • Food Services • Entertainment • Healthcare • Technology • Banking • Publishing • Luxury • Accounting • Flavor & Fragrance • Consulting • Advertising • Utilities • Engineering • Sports • Cosmetics & Personal Care • E-commerce • Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations

We provide businesses with employment law services, providing a unique perspective from our experience representing employees. Our services include drafting employment manuals, separation agreements, and employment contracts, as well as providing assistance with workplace investigations, disputes and legal compliance.

Practice Areas

Our attorneys are not intimidated by large companies or their law firms. We know that our zealous representation against violations of state and federal employment laws is exactly what it takes to succeed, and our clients have enjoyed that success countless times. Get ethical representation in all phases of the following:

- Age Discrimination
- Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA")
- Class Actions
- Conscientious Employee Protection Act ("CEPA")
- Disability Discrimination
- Employee Rights
- Employment Contracts
Equal Pay Act
- ERISA Violations
- Family & Medical Leave Act ("FMLA")
- Genetic Information Nondiscrimination
- Gender Discrimination
- Handicapped Discrimination
- Hostile Work Environment

- Labor Law Violations
- Layoffs
- Medical Insurance
- National Origin Discrimination
- Nationality Discrimination
New Jersey Civil Union Law
- New Jersey Family Leave Act ("FLA")
- New Jersey Law against Discrimination  ("LAD")
- Non-Compete Agreements
- Performance Improvement Plans
- Pregnancy Discrimination
- Race Discrimination
- Religious Discrimination
- Reductions in Force

- Reorganizations
- Restrictive Covenants
- Separation and Release Agreements 
- Severance Negotiations
- Sex Discrimination
- Sexual Harassment
- Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Transgender Discrimination
- Unemployment Benefits
- Unemployment Appeals
- Wage & Hour Law Violations
- Whistleblower Retaliation
Wrongful Discharge
Wrongful Termination