Newsletters & Blogs

To keep our clients updated on recent legal decisions and regulations affecting employees and employers in the State of New Jersey, we publish a quarterly Newsletter.  While these brief summaries do not provide the nuances of each case or law, the highlights will keep you apprised of important legal issues you may  face in the workplace.  Please contact the office if you would like to join our email list.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

Topics Include:
Medical Leave Certification
Taking Employer Documents
Unemployment Disqualification
Independent Contractor vs. Employee
Employer Investigations Defense
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Winter 2016 Newsletter

Topics Include:
Temporary Employees
Genetic Information Discrimination
Forced Arbitration
Quitting and Unemployment
Weight Requirements & Sex Discrimination
EEOC: Wage and Pay Data
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Women Over 50: Age & Sex Discrimination Bundled

As recently reported in the New York Times on Jan. 2, 2016, older women over 50 encounter many difficulties in the employment marketplace. We have seen a proliferation in our law practice of professional women in the over 50 age group...Click Here To View